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Senior Designer - Interactive Lead

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Product Designer, UI/UX Designer

Hi, I’m RJ Clarke.

I am a creative professional skilled in making informed designs based on data, analysis, experience, and ingenuity. I love finding problems and creating solutions.

In my previous roles, I helped bring 3D children’s books to life since first generation tablets with FlyingWord, created standalone apps for Brentwood Baptist Church and Women of the ELCA, and have helped brand, design, and market a slew of other products and businesses through my own personal companies: afewguys and Robson Creative.

Most recently, I have been helping design and market B2B and B2C tools in the healthcare, safety, law, environmental, event, and training sectors for Simplify Compliance and it's many subsidiaries. As a Senior Designer - Interactive Lead, I manage a small team of UI professionals as we think through and design large and small scale digital projects with associated teams. Our most recent project has been redesigning Military Periscope (it's not finished yet, but there's a decent wireframed prototype here, via InVision).

A majority of my expertise is in mobile app production, technical graphic design, and the complete idea generation to commercialization process. My true passions emerge from the study and implementation of systems like gamification, human-based design, storytelling, and marketing psychology.

In my daily life, I climb and run to stay fit, operate a few side businesses, dabble in illustration, and help my wife Lindsay build her artist and fashion empire.

I’m based in Nasvhille, but spent my early years in the snowy kingdom of Syracuse, NY.

I’d love to get to know you too, so reach out!

UI Design
Mobile/Web responsive design
UX Design
Micro-Interaction design
Motion Design
Brand identity
Logo design
Print + Digital design

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